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BuufBench Popular
Description: Last week the guy behind the GANT icon set released a set called Buuf.

Resized to 56x56 I spent some of tonight replacing my icons with this new set.

I think there's a touch too much brown going on but I can't fault the quality of the icons. I'm sure they'll live here for a good time.


Submitter:  FuZion - More Photos from FuZion  
Last Update: 21-Aug-2006 23:51:59 Hits: 3412 Rating: 3.00 (2 votes)Comments: 2 posts
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E-UAE 0.8.27 running on OS4 Popular
Description: This week I are be mostly playing... Games on E-UAE.

Following on the theme (Of sorts), my February grab features the wonder that is E-UAE. Games shown (From the left to right): Out to Lunch, Putty Squad Demo, F/A-18 Interceptor, Flashback & Battle Chess.

Underneath I have AmiDock containing my currently installed WHD Games. The games are run with a script throwing you straight into the game with the choice of Window or Full Screen play.

Highlight of the shot. The Knights of Battle Chess having a disagreement over who owns what square. Nice.

Gotta send this one out to EvilRich for his hard work on E-UAE.

Submitter:  FuZion - More Photos from FuZion  
Last Update: 3-Feb-2005 0:48:24 Hits: 7809 Rating: 8.67 (6 votes)Comments: 3 posts
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MPlayer 1.0pre4 running on AmigaOS4 Popular
Description: Here you will see a quick grab of MPlayer running on AmigaOS4 with the MPlayer GUI.

Also on show are PNG icons with alpha blending (Powericons), AmiDock using a transparent background, a Docky Lens in the bottom right corner, LimpidClock 1.7 & a bit of a bottom (And I ain't talking about Ryo's).


Submitter:  FuZion - More Photos from FuZion  
Last Update: 21-Jan-2005 23:32:38 Hits: 6326 Rating: 7.75 (4 votes)Comments: 7 posts
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OS4 getting REAL busy Popular
Description: I was chatting to a mate on MSN who wants to get a Classic Amiga. He knows of the AmigaOne but wasn't aware that the Beta version of OS4 had hit any users.

Sooooo..... I threw a few applications on the screen, grabbed the screen & sent it to him.

Looking at the screen grab, I decided it was quite a nice pic. So here it is.

It was only when I ran Wipeout 2097 that my A1 started to feel the pressure. But not that bad, it was still very usable.

I'll let you into a little secret though, I had to pause MPlayer to get the right frame.


Submitter:  FuZion - More Photos from FuZion  
Last Update: 6-Sep-2005 22:50:58 Hits: 19126 Rating: 8.83 (12 votes)Comments: 12 posts
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PacMan Future (ish) Popular
Description: I created this a couple of years ago using my A1200, B1260/50, 48mb Ram, Mediator & a Voodoo 3 3000 on Cinema4D.

It was uploaded to the website to the section but since that appears to be a little dormant I thought I'd share it now.

Hope you like.


Submitter:  FuZion - More Photos from FuZion  
Last Update: 17-Aug-2005 8:51:04 Hits: 3060 Rating: 9.33 (6 votes)Comments: 8 posts
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The SUPERB Gant icon collection! Popular
Description: These are a set of PNG icons called 'GANT'. They're PNG now at least, some of the archives come as .ico files for Windoze. Now converted to PNG's & resized.

As with most icon sets that aren't made specifically for the Amiga, there's certain icons that just don't exist. Fortunately the artist behind these has made quite a lot so you can usually find something that dows a similar job.

Although my personal fave here is the Grim Reaper icon, the glass icons in Workbench: look pretty swish too!

Also, if you do grab these icons prepare yourself for some mental icon names. A couple of examples:

- "One time, this big moth almost flew into my mouth. Good thing it was no where near me.png"
- "Programs that take forEVER to start!.png"
- "Punch Your Keyboard When You Cant Come Up with a Good Name.png"
- "Reasonably priced (in the US) hardware that is indeed good for enticing switchers, but don't really fit into the multicolored mini paradigm.png" (Hehe, this is the MiniMac icon)
- "Private, yet See-through, Folder.png"
- "Badger eater Badger eater Badger eater Badger eater Badger eater Badger eater firefox, FIREFOX!! I use Opera by the way.png"
- "MmmMMmmm Chacklate.png"
- "Windows Mean...Pacifier. Yea, Pacifier.ico"

There's a fair few normal names too & I could go on, but you get the point.

Hope you like.

Submitter:  FuZion - More Photos from FuZion  
Last Update: 2-Apr-2005 13:32:27 Hits: 17296 Rating: 7.44 (9 votes)Comments: 6 posts
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TuneNet Alpha Screen Shot Popular
Description: A sneaky little preview of the up & coming skinnable TuneNet. There's a few things still to be added & tweaked but this should give you a decent idea of what to expect.

Massive thanks to the TuneNet team for the support & feedback on this as I've been building it.

Submitter:  FuZion - More Photos from FuZion  
Last Update: 19-Aug-2007 20:49:19 Hits: 2876 Rating: 5.33 (3 votes)Comments: 2 posts
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