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Re: A Discourse on Possible Amiga Futures
Posted on 28-Jul-2017 12:02:20
#141 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 1-Jun-2013
Posts: 664
From: USA



iggy wrote:

...outside this asylum...

Hmm, we DO agree on something.
But, from the inside, do you think its fair to look around and go 'you're all crazy'.

Certainly not. It should be phrased "We're all crazy".

Tinkering with computers.

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Re: A Discourse on Possible Amiga Futures
Posted on 28-Jul-2017 12:15:00
#142 ]
Super Member
Joined: 12-Jun-2012
Posts: 1628
From: Norway


Most hobbies could be considered crazy tho

Fixing old cars, collecting stamps, knitting, birdwatching......... endless list of socalled meaningless hobbies all converge onto a few commonalities;

-Its fun
-its intresting
-you learn something new
-sense of accomplishment when you manage to make something that wasnt designed to do X actually do it.

Etc etc

Its why Im a massive fan of C64 demos. My jaw still drops when I watch them as they are released on parties. Also why I enjoy watching car and house fixing shows.... OR for example Amiga streamers exploring different aspects of Amiga OS/HW.

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Re: A Discourse on Possible Amiga Futures
Posted on 28-Jul-2017 15:35:10
#143 ]
Super Member
Joined: 20-Oct-2010
Posts: 1175
From: Bear, Delaware USA


Yeah, I can agree that hobby pursuits can lead you off on weird tangents.
I'm purchasing a 6809 based board from a hobbyist in Great Britain so I can play around with the Yamaha V9958 video display processor (and I'll probably add the mods needed to use a Hitachi 6309 cpu).

Since I already have 68000 based systems, PPC systems, ARM, and X64 systems, that retro step may seem a little 'crazy'.
But its fun for me.

'Crazy' is always acceptable if it hurts no one.

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Re: A Discourse on Possible Amiga Futures
Posted on 28-Jul-2017 16:58:06
#144 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 20-Mar-2003
Posts: 6360
From: S.Wales



number6 wrote:

Actually, the entire story of the stolen laptop, police report, etc. is here on AW for anyone to read, but that's not what started the problem.

Project Moana Files

Relevant posting of PM from author of project on page 10.

The document from Nicola Moricutti (Virtual Works at the time but acting for Acube in this regard) is an irc conversation with Bill McEwen about Sam AND Moana which was part of the lawsuit. The link is still on freeamiga, although the document is since "redacted".

Full text still exists on wayback


I was looking for that second link yesterday but didn't find it before I had to do something else. It should all be on Justia.


There's some real nuggets of information in those attachments.

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Re: A Discourse on Possible Amiga Futures
Posted on 3-Sep-2017 20:13:38
#145 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 23-Mar-2011
Posts: 279
From: Montreal, QC, Canada


Thank you so much! Very good read indeed!


Scientific Progress Goes Boing!

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