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Software News   Software News : "WinUAE 1.0 is coming..."
   posted by MikeB on 6-Jul-2004 10:57:37 (1883 reads)
At the official WinUAE homepage version 0.9.90 of the classic Amiga emulator WinUAE for Windows has been announced. This version is considered to be a "WinUAE 1.0 public beta". Read more for a list of newly added features and bugfixes.

New features:

- New Quickstart-panel. Easy and fast way to run disk-based games or
demos. Simply select Amiga model, compatibility level, disk image
and click start!
- Hardware and host configuration separated. Create and use your own
custom host configurations instead of build-in host configuration
data from standard configuration files.
- Kickstart ROM scanner and autodetection (only official ROMs supported)
- user configurable graphics filter presets.
- Scaling support in all software filters.
- Paths-panel added. User configurable ROM, statefile, screenshot etc.. paths.
- Automatically return back to GUI if Kickstart ROM fails to load
- Added help-tooltips here and there
- More compatible paraport direct parallel port support
- Mapped filesystem P-flag to Windows System-flag, H-flag to Hidden
and fixed inverted archive-flag

Bugs fixed:

- ECS Agnus was always reported as an OCS Agnus (0.8.26)
- 68000 cycle-exact mode compatibility (0.8.26)
- floppy emulation writing bug (0.8.26, fixes SWOS disk error when saving)
- dialogs in fullscreen mode
- on the fly switching between A1000/CDTV/CD32 modes
- swapping disk image sometimes changed another drive's disk image
- german keyboard #-key

and more..

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Re: "WinUAE 1.0 is coming..."
Posted on 6-Jul-2004 11:41:04
#1 ]
Super Member
Joined: 10-Mar-2003
Posts: 1956
From: The City of Xebec's Demise

I think that a "w00t" is called for here... Nice one WinUAE folks!

Hope that the OS4 version arrives forth - if not fifth - with...


 Status: Offline
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Re: "WinUAE 1.0 is coming..."
Posted on 6-Jul-2004 13:46:21
#2 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 28-Jul-2003
Posts: 2880
From: Unknown


 Status: Offline
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Re: "WinUAE 1.0 is coming..."
Posted on 6-Jul-2004 19:25:35
# ]

There's no mention of 0.9.90 on the site.

I wonder why they're suddenly jumping to 1.0 after many many years of small increments.

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Re: "WinUAE 1.0 is coming..."
Posted on 6-Jul-2004 22:18:23
#4 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 18-Jan-2003
Posts: 2229
From: Minnesota, USA

There's no mention of it on the download page, anyway. It is mentioned very briefly on the news page.

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Re: "WinUAE 1.0 is coming..."
Posted on 9-Jul-2004 19:31:36
#5 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 4-Feb-2004
Posts: 197
From: :morF

It just keeps getting better and better even though it already seems perfect. Gotta love it!


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