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Software News   Software News : Odyssey Web Browser Bounty Project for AmigaOS & AROS
   posted by ASiegel on 12-Nov-2013 19:15:47 (8528 reads)
The aim of the Odyssey Bounty Project is to license a current version of the full-featured Odyssey Web Browser and share it under an open source license so it can be fully ported to AmigaOS and AROS.

While the author of the Odyssey Web Browser has previously shared parts of his work entirely for free, which already improved the browser choices on these two platforms by a great deal, these existing ports of Odyssey use an outdated version of the Webkit browser engine and lack key functionality such as the capability to play HTML5 video.

For more information about the Odyssey Web Browser and the funding campaign, please visit:

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Re: Odyssey Web Browser Bounty Project for AmigaOS & AROS
Posted on 17-Nov-2013 11:19:19
#61 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 22-Oct-2013
Posts: 204
From: Unknown

@ wawa

but its possible to extend the bounty as long as the requirements of the old bounty fit within the requirements of the new one. it is logical if you ask me and allow to specify further requirements if the old ones dont suffice. this is what happened with this very bounty if you mlook close.

Well, we need to differentiate between projects that have already been assigned to a developer and projects that are not being worked on.

If a developer agrees to fulfill a specific set of requirements for a minimum amount of donations, you cannot add new terms after the work has started.

Anyway, the Odyssey bounty project is obviously special since it heavily relies on a single developer. There is nobody else who could fulfill the requirements just like nobody else could have completed the Directory Opus Magellan and Poseidon bounty projects except for GPSoft and Chris Hodges respectively.

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Re: Odyssey Web Browser Bounty Project for AmigaOS & AROS
Posted on 17-Nov-2013 15:31:47
#62 ]
Super Member
Joined: 12-Feb-2003
Posts: 1933
From: Chicago, IL


I had no idea this was the case. When I restore from the backup I'll make sure it's easier to access.

Sent from my Quantum Computer.

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Re: Odyssey Web Browser Bounty Project for AmigaOS & AROS
Posted on 17-Nov-2013 21:46:45
#63 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 21-Jan-2008
Posts: 6259
From: Unknown

i mean only where fab was willing to extend the formula of the bounty to attract additional donors, it could be in good interest of both sides, especially if he is willing to fulfill these expectations without being as much official about it.

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