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Software News   Software News : A-EON Technology acquires TuneNet
   posted by amigakit on 28-May-2015 23:09:14 (6120 reads)

A-EON Technology acquires TuneNet
Cardiff, 26th May 2015

A-EON Technology Ltd is pleased to announce that it has purchased the rights to TuneNet, the multi-format Music Player and Internet Radio Streamer for AmigaOS 4 from its developer, Paul Heams.

As part of the agreement A-EON has acquired the exclusive rights to the full TuneNet source code, binaries and plugins along with the worldwide exclusive rights to publish and distribute the software and its plugins.

A-EON has also acquired the TuneNet web domain and exclusive rights to all trade names for product marketing, promotion and branding for the AmigaOS and Amiga-related operating systems including emulation.

Meanwhile Paul Heams will retain the non-exclusive rights to the "audio re-sampling class" source code for other projects.

TuneNet is a modular multi-format player which was developed from the ground up by Paul Heams in 2004. It supports a range of music formats through special plugins and includes recording and Shout/Ice-cast broadcasting. It also includes a system GUI along with a customisable miniature dock facility and XML drive skinnable interface. Over the years, TuneNet has received many notable upgrades. It was made freely available on OS4Depot and was also bundled as a third-party contribution with AmigaOS 4.1

In recent years, due to changing work commitments, Paul hasn’t been able to devote time to support and update TuneNet. Rather than let his creation stagnate Paul said, “I’ve realised for quite a while that TuneNet needed a new home. I just did not have the time to give it the attention it deserved and I’m really pleased that A-EON have taken up the challenge to drive it forward”. Matthew Leaman added,“TuneNet is quality AmigaOS software and we look forward to building on Paul’s excellent legacy”.

For more information please visit:


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Re: A-EON Technology acquires TuneNet
Posted on 29-May-2015 21:23:37
#21 ]
Joined: 28-Oct-2014
Posts: 54
From: Suomi


Jealous of what? this is the first time i heard anything about tunenet, so no jealous... im not a OS4 user but i dont understand all of this "buy-every-app" movements.

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Re: A-EON Technology acquires TuneNet
Posted on 30-May-2015 7:22:34
#22 ]
Super Member
Joined: 10-Apr-2003
Posts: 1370
From: Denmark

Yet another Amiga only program saved by A-Eon.

These guys are really doing lots of good stuff to secure and develop the AmigaOS platform.

1. They made NEW fancy and fast quality hardware for AOS (X1000/X5000)

2. One by one securing many Amiga specific apps from our proud past, and developing them further.

3. New great AmigaOS appstore - AmiStore

4. Supports the classic line of computers

5. Takes care of AOS driver development for latest modern ATI Radeon graphics cards

5. Gives the impression of a professional company with well planned and good lookin press releases,

6. Choose their partners with great consideration and care

7. Buys and secures the community sites and

The future looks brighter than ever for the continuation of the Amiga platform!

Way to go A-EON and partners

Edit: Just bought AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition (Thanks Hyperion) - and are looking forward to run it on Amiga specific A-Eon hardware in the future.

Last edited by Hondo on 30-May-2015 at 07:24 AM.

On Planet Boing Trevor is God

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Re: A-EON Technology acquires TuneNet
Posted on 30-May-2015 8:47:13
#23 ]
Joined: 14-Oct-2003
Posts: 39
From: Unknown

@Hondo: you forgot number 8

8. Finally develop a fully functional ethernet driver to support their Hardware X1000.

Last edited by scOOby on 30-May-2015 at 08:47 AM.

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Re: A-EON Technology acquires TuneNet
Posted on 30-May-2015 10:04:24
#24 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 19-Jun-2004
Posts: 5009
From: Sweden

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Re: A-EON Technology acquires TuneNet
Posted on 30-May-2015 10:47:32
#25 ]
Super Member
Joined: 12-Jan-2005
Posts: 1821
From: Cheshire, England

Great news again, but my only worry is have A-EON got enough developers / cash for all these apps.

like still waiting on news on Radiance collection. Any way best of luck A-eon

AmigaNG, YouTube, LeaveReality Studio

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Re: A-EON Technology acquires TuneNet
Posted on 30-May-2015 12:42:14
#26 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 30-Jan-2005
Posts: 6673
From: Unknown

I could make lots small improvement suggestions that would greatly improve TuneNet for me, such as:

* Show the current track's full path, so I can find the actual file. Ideally on the main UI, but otherwise in the Info Window.

* Optionally show the full path in the playlist, so it can be sorted (and searched) by path.

* Remember the last-played track, and select that when starting TuneNet. (I've got huge playlists, so finding what I was playing last time is almost impossible.) Ideally this would work without needing TuneNet to quit (say due to rebooting after an AmigaOS or TuneNet crash).

* Show the track position bar on the main UI, rather than hidden at the bottom of the Tune tab.

* Enabling Shuffle should NOT immediately move to the next track. This behaviour is very non-standard, and causes unwanted behaviour. Fixing it would be a minor inconvenience to any who likes this behaviour, as they merely need to click Next Track after enabling Shuffle.

* "Open Playlist" should default to starting in PROGDIR:Playlists folder, rather than just PROGDIR:. And preferably it should remember the last folder you were in (at least until you close TuneNet).

* Add an extra AmigaDOS parameter to TuneNet, which prevents it from starting if it's not already running. This is useful if you want to control TuneNet using FKey, but don't want accidental key presses to launch it (I created an AmigaDOS+ARexx script to do this...).

Someone suggested an ARexx interface for TuneNet. That would certainly be very useful, but it'd be a relatively big undertaking, and it's not strictly necessary - TuneNet already takes AmigaDOS parameters to control it (but see above).

Also, TuneNet sometimes crashes when you open the Info Window of particular MP3s, presumably due to unexpected/corrupted image information. So it needs more sanity checks on MP3s.

Author of the PortablE programming language.
I can usually be found on (my favourite Amiga forum).
It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue...

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Re: A-EON Technology acquires TuneNet
Posted on 31-May-2015 0:24:38
#27 ]
Super Member
Joined: 10-Sep-2007
Posts: 1870
From: Somewhere in Spain

That's great news for me too!! Even I was not using this program everyday,from time to time,I used to connect to techno-pop radio stations that of course I don't like it,hated at this time of 8-9 years ago,but I listened to A METAL CHURCH song and it was a great feeling I even recorded a part I think it was from the album hanging in the balance.

So great feeling using Tunenet and customizing it YEAH great program!!!

AMIGA 500 1.5 MB ACA500/ACA1232 accelerators
AMIGA 500 German
CD32 unexpanded
Amiga 1200 Tower on AmigaKit since years
AMIGA 1300 030/50 Mhz/32 MB WB 3.9 with lots of games&demos

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Re: A-EON Technology acquires TuneNet
Posted on 1-Jun-2015 12:17:53
#28 ]
Super Member
Joined: 4-Apr-2014
Posts: 1171
From: Unknown

You will be assimilated!

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Re: A-EON Technology acquires TuneNet
Posted on 1-Jun-2015 22:23:33
#29 ]
Super Member
Joined: 1-Sep-2004
Posts: 1959
From: Suomi-Finland

So Finnish people.. Sorry, Joke. Lived in Spain and now here in a very good taxed country..

Smells like a Teen Spirit..

Summer is nice! Be Good.

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