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My WB showing WarpSNES Popular
Description: My first WB-picture, showing the almost finished
port of WarpSNES for OS4, I just need to package
it and send to OS4-depot now, but must sleep first. ;)

Submitter:  Olle - More Photos from Olle  
Last Update: 26-Jan-2005 Hits: 13745 Rating: 7.50 (4 votes)Comments: 6 posts
Re: My WB showing WarpSNES
Posted on 26-Jan-2005 10:39:21
#1 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 26-Mar-2004
Posts: 777
From: UK

Cool... Where did you get them icons?

Amiga 4000T, CSPPC@233,50 , Amiga OS3.9 / OS4.1
Amiga 1200, Blizzard IV

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Re: My WB showing WarpSNES
Posted on 26-Jan-2005 15:09:23
#2 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 30-Apr-2003
Posts: 682
From: Barcelona, Spain


Bubble Icons

Or are you asking for the drive icons?

Last edited by emeck on 26-Jan-2005 at 03:11 PM.
Last edited by emeck on 26-Jan-2005 at 03:10 PM.

PowerBook 5.2 MorphOS 3.15
PowerBook 5.8 MorphOS 3.15
Amiga 1200 BPPC/BVision AOS4.1 FE

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Re: My WB showing WarpSNES
Posted on 2-Mar-2005 14:47:02
#3 ]
New Member
Joined: 28-Dec-2003
Posts: 7
From: Germany

Pretty Workbench

Where did you get the wallpaper?

Last edited by fastbit on 02-Mar-2005 at 02:47 PM.

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Re: My WB showing WarpSNES
Posted on 15-Mar-2005 16:16:45
#4 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 14-Mar-2005
Posts: 141
From: The land of the blondes

oh, diddy kong

but why is the window looking like it is? (lots of black lines in the window)

"I don't know whether nice people tend to grow roses or growing roses makes people nice"

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Re: My WB showing WarpSNES
Posted on 9-Apr-2005 17:05:08
#5 ]
Cult Member
Joined: 12-Dec-2002
Posts: 844
From: England, United Kingdom

lovely I am in love with your avatar

Founder of NWAG - North West Amiga Group

Night Operations

A1200 020/28MHz + 64Mb / 4Gb CF / OS / 1438S
A500+ / 2Mb

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Re: My WB showing WarpSNES
Posted on 28-Apr-2005 18:50:46
#6 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 5-Jul-2003
Posts: 2212
From: Unknown

hi lovely 

are simulated scanlines . . . and very well

Click once on the pic to enlarge it


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Re: My WB showing WarpSNES
Posted on 5-May-2005 16:14:06
#7 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 31-Jul-2003
Posts: 178
From: Falköping, Sweden


The wallpaper is painted by the Swedish artist Linda Bergkvist with her Wacom board. Her homepage
is here: Furiae

Yeah, scanline simulation as Framiga said, i know that was a stupid screenshot, should have taken
the 1x1 normal mode instead.

Sorry for late reply.

Life is fragile enough, why use windows on top of that?

-Good Gurus Always Meditate

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