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aaargghhh invader! Popular
Description: A wallpaper

Submitter:  ddni - More Photos from ddni  
Last Update: 25-Mar-2013 17:55:58 Hits: 964
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aaargghhh invader! Popular
Description: a little funny

Submitter:  ddni - More Photos from ddni  
Last Update: 25-Mar-2013 17:56:21 Hits: 948
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Amiga 600 Vampire 2 OS3.9 Popular
Description: My A600 with vampire 2 card running 1280x720x16 res.
Eagle player 2.05 with Amiga-Amp skin
Magic menu
And lots of hacks and patches to make all the eye candy.

Submitter:  Mr-Z - More Photos from Mr-Z  
Last Update: 28-Mar-2017 3:52:10 Hits: 1054
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Amiga and the Orc Popular
Description: oh my god who is this guy bill gates?

Submitter:  tlosm - More Photos from tlosm  
Last Update: 7-Jan-2014 16:49:09 Hits: 943
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Amiga One X1000 Popular
Description: Wallpaper for the future next generation of Amiga computers.

Submitter:  Fernecho - More Photos from Fernecho  
Last Update: 8-Dec-2010 21:00:17 Hits: 1057 Rating: 5.33 (3 votes)
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Amiga One X1000 wallpaper Popular
Description: Other wallpaper for the Amiga One X1000.

Submitter:  Fernecho - More Photos from Fernecho  
Last Update: 8-Dec-2010 21:00:23 Hits: 1384 Rating: 4.00 (2 votes)
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AmigaOS 3.1 (Workbench) Popular
Description: My AmigaOS.

Submitter:  Krethx - More Photos from Krethx  
Last Update: 21-Oct-2019 16:26:59 Hits: 561
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Amoogle Popular
Description: For those wishing for modern Amiga logo

Submitter:  AmeegaGuy - More Photos from AmeegaGuy  
Last Update: 20-Nov-2018 21:56:21 Hits: 414 Rating: 2.00 (1 vote)
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Anonimus and AmigaOS Popular
Description: yes it is anon!

Submitter:  tlosm - More Photos from tlosm  
Last Update: 3-Jan-2014 13:48:11 Hits: 902
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AspireOS 1.6 Popular
Description: AROS distribution.

For more information:

Submitter:  nikosidis - More Photos from nikosidis  
Last Update: 27-Feb-2012 20:32:59 Hits: 979
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Checkmate A1500 Plus Case Popular
Description: This render by Paul Kitching shows what the case will look like.

Submitter:  clusteruk - More Photos from clusteruk  
Last Update: 30-Sep-2018 17:03:27 Hits: 449
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Forza Amiga Popular
Description: made on X1000 and TVPaint! mockup!

Submitter:  Plexus - More Photos from Plexus  
Last Update: 9-Nov-2014 22:36:13 Hits: 698
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My MorphOS AmogaOS 4.1 Theme Popular
Description: My Amiga OS 4.1 theme applied to MorphOS 3.9

Submitter:  stevee671 - More Photos from stevee671  
Last Update: 27-Jun-2016 23:55:40 Hits: 1039
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New Amiga after 5 years away - 1/3 Popular
Description: My new Sam440ep flex setup. First of three pictures I took as a quick of test my Sony camera with OS4.1 and LoView (downloaded from os4depot). The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S730 works well with OS4.1. Camera drive appears on Workbench almost instantly and on first attempt unlike with my Dell laptop where it's always been hit and miss whether it will connect or not.

LoView is nice as a photo viewer, lets you rotate images which is handy and save into diferent formats, with option to reduce jpeg quality (good for uploading images to websites or email). LoView also does fullscreen slidshows with optional mp3 soundtrack.

Submitter:  Daniel - More Photos from Daniel  
Last Update: 25-May-2010 19:20:55 Hits: 1060 Rating: 3.50 (2 votes)
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Only Amiga Popular
Description: Amiga old school...

Submitter:  Agnus - More Photos from Agnus  
Last Update: 26-Dec-2014 1:02:42 Hits: 1024
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Orange & Blue Theme Popular
Description: A variant of the "X & Blue" themes using a 1.x-like Orange color scheme.

Submitter:  swoodall - More Photos from swoodall  
Last Update: 6-Jan-2005 21:30:00 Hits: 3976 Rating: 7.00 (9 votes)Comments: 7 posts
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SAM 460ex Popular
Description: My new SAM.

Case: Fractal Design Core 1000
Sam 460ex Lite Motherboard (1ghz)
2GB DDR2 ram
ATI Radeon HD 4650
Silicon Image SiI3512 SATA controller
64GB Kingston SSD Boot disk 2,5"
80GB Segate HD 2,5"
Power, OCZ 600 watt (I know is for future upgrade like 4850)

Submitter:  BuzzBrain - More Photos from BuzzBrain  
Last Update: 9-Feb-2012 2:36:24 Hits: 1240
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sam460ex + radeon 6570 1gb.... Popular
Description: sam460ex + radeon 6570 1gb

0.49 driver....

Submitter:  jacknife - More Photos from jacknife  
Last Update: 16-Aug-2012 0:42:04 Hits: 1263
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sam460ex +radeon 6570 dvi out Popular
Description: sam460ex +radeon 6570 lp dvi out

Submitter:  jacknife - More Photos from jacknife  
Last Update: 2-Sep-2012 15:01:32 Hits: 1516
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sam460ex 1.2 / radeon 6570 1gb (low profile) / 2 gb ram  Popular
Description: sam460ex 1.2 / radeon 6570 1gb / 2 gb ram

Submitter:  jacknife - More Photos from jacknife  
Last Update: 31-Aug-2012 21:37:03 Hits: 1064
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