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OS4 Native Colem Popular
Description: OS4 Native Coleco Vision emulator. Based on Colem by Marat Fayzullin and the original Amiga port by Paul Hill.

It's a work in progress but I have the basic emulator running without sound.

Submitter:  BobW - More Photos from BobW  
Last Update: 26-Aug-2005 13:14:37 Hits: 5902 Rating: 7.00 (1 vote)Comments: 3 posts
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TuneNet AmpPlug Popular
Description: This screenshot shows an internal version of
TuneNet supporting AmigaAmp visual plugins
(soon to be released).

An OS4 native version of the Wide Spectrum
anaylser is shown which can be used by both
AmigaAmp and TuneNet!

Keep an eye on: :-)

Submitter:  Bean - More Photos from Bean  
Last Update: 18-Jun-2006 12:04:01 Hits: 3374 Rating: 7.00 (3 votes)Comments: 1 post
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Rudei Integra Desktop Popular
Description: Name says it all, when you hit 6k revs, you're flying!

Submitter:  Rudei - More Photos from Rudei  
Last Update: 18-Jul-2006 17:02:23 Hits: 2863 Rating: 7.00 (8 votes)Comments: 1 post
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Lightwave render Popular
Description: 256 color icons, MWB icons, and GlowIcons all peacefully co-existing on the same WB screen.
MWB icons shown in original color scheme, as per the original MWB package.

Submitter:  number6 - More Photos from number6  
Last Update: 24-Aug-2006 21:04:33 Hits: 4495 Rating: 7.00 (1 vote)
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Grab of Sinisrus OS4.0 Very Customised :-) Popular
Description: My theme AmigaOS4.0

Submitter:  sinisrus - More Photos from sinisrus  
Last Update: 20-Dec-2007 19:27:02 Hits: 2547 Rating: 7.00 (2 votes)Comments: 3 posts
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Blackfang, image 3 Popular
Description: Completed training center ready for students. Work in process game.

Submitter:  thinkchip - More Photos from thinkchip  
Last Update: 10-Jun-2020 22:55:31 Hits: 2744 Rating: 7.00 (1 vote)
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ajk Popular
Description: Still using a modified OS4 default theme with a different icon set and colours. DvPlayer can be seen playing a film in the background. The JPEG encoding softens the image a little bit.

Submitter:  ajk - More Photos from ajk  
Last Update: 19-Aug-2005 11:02:11 Hits: 21707 Rating: 7.08 (13 votes)Comments: 3 posts
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My current workbench Popular
Description: I'am a true fan of KDE Crystal-icons, but the folders doesn't have that Amiga-feeling. So last night I did my own drawers based on the Crystal 1.0-iconset. (Scaled down from 1280x1024)

Submitter:  Ayalo - More Photos from Ayalo  
Last Update: 27-Dec-2004 22:50:19 Hits: 20005 Rating: 7.11 (9 votes)Comments: 5 posts
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austbench001 Popular
Description: a grab of amiga os4.0

Submitter:  austgarden - More Photos from austgarden  
Last Update: 25-Dec-2004 17:35:44 Hits: 5663 Rating: 7.13 (8 votes)
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Grey Amiga Workbench Popular
Description: Finaly i'll present you my first Workbench Screenshot. I really like the grey colors and if somebody wants to know, the building is the Messeturm here in Frankfurt am Main.

Submitter:  cHaOs667 - More Photos from cHaOs667  
Last Update: 15-Sep-2005 17:33:25 Hits: 5441 Rating: 7.13 (8 votes)Comments: 5 posts
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Moody Sunset (2) Popular
Description: Another version...

Submitter:  Chunder - More Photos from Chunder  
Last Update: 25-Nov-2004 23:46:29 Hits: 3290 Rating: 7.17 (6 votes)Comments: 2 posts
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PaulsWbench Popular
Description: After my daughters creation in Terragen I thought I'd have a "Thrash".

Submitter:  The_Editor - More Photos from The_Editor  
Last Update: 19-Dec-2004 18:34:09 Hits: 3412 Rating: 7.17 (6 votes)Comments: 3 posts
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My first Workbench in 10 years Popular
Description: I got my brand new uA1-C 2 days ago, and now 48 hours later everything is up running. This is the look of my workbench for the moment. (Scaled down from 1280x1024.)

Submitter:  Ayalo - More Photos from Ayalo  
Last Update: 20-Dec-2004 11:31:56 Hits: 21365 Rating: 7.20 (10 votes)Comments: 9 posts
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OS4X... Popular
Description: My current workbench, with the default Mac OSX backdrop. I've also customized the windows and gadgets a little bit.

Submitter:  Ayalo - More Photos from Ayalo  
Last Update: 17-Jan-2005 1:49:13 Hits: 8691 Rating: 7.20 (10 votes)Comments: 5 posts
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emeck Popular
Description: My OS4 Workbench, showing PowerIcons from the PowerIcons' examples drawer, devices from the AmiCrystal package and bubble icons in Amidock (some from Gentoo and some mine from normal icos), with the Tools subdocky expanded in the right. The calendar/clock is Limpidclock and the backdrop from Lorraine Design. Drawers are from Ken's icons and Intel Outside logo displayed with WBBump.

Submitter:  emeck - More Photos from emeck  
Last Update: 23-Oct-2004 16:54:40 Hits: 7517 Rating: 7.21 (19 votes)Comments: 7 posts
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My ordinairy Workbench Popular
Description: This is how my OS4-workbench looks most of the time, plain and simple.
I usually run it at 1600x1200, now scaled down due to upload restrictions ;-)

Submitter:  tomazkid - More Photos from tomazkid  
Last Update: 22-Oct-2004 8:31:36 Hits: 7324 Rating: 7.22 (18 votes)Comments: 10 posts
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Scaled Down Wb by Toaks Popular
Description: OK...just shows how the skin looks like..

Shame this site doesnt take bigger resulutions...

Submitter:  Toaks - More Photos from Toaks  
Last Update: 27-Oct-2004 8:40:08 Hits: 16370 Rating: 7.25 (12 votes)Comments: 9 posts
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Chuck Rock on AmiTV Popular
Description: Just a quick grab of Spirantho's AmiTV showing Chuck Rock being played on the CD32. (via Hercules SmartTV Stereo BT878 card).

Submitter:  Bodie - More Photos from Bodie  
Last Update: 22-Jan-2005 4:53:36 Hits: 6533 Rating: 7.25 (4 votes)Comments: 3 posts
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Amipal Popular
Description: I decided to get rid of the cluttered mini-docks which filled the bottom of my screen, replacing it with a sub-dock-based "Launch" dock instead.

The backdrop is from the Cassini probe around Saturn. It shows sunlight filtering through the rings and onto one of Saturn's moons, Mimas.

Submitter:  amipal - More Photos from amipal  
Last Update: 5-Dec-2004 21:06:11 Hits: 4814 Rating: 7.29 (7 votes)Comments: 3 posts
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FxPaint Popular
Description: With lots of pics showing.

Submitter:  paulsamiga - More Photos from paulsamiga  
Last Update: 30-Dec-2004 14:49:56 Hits: 5493 Rating: 7.33 (3 votes)Comments: 1 post

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